What will you tell them?

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I have held my third grandchild in my arms.  She is precious and tiny and just about perfect.  There is something spectacular about holding this tiny little person so new to the world.  Just recently formed within the child that was formed within me.


This cycle of life – it’s precious!  This life – it’s fleeting.  Not so very long ago, my daughter was fresh in my arms and now her daughter is fresh in my arms.  Time has gone so quickly.


And yet, I also have a 5 year old. Ours is not your ordinary family.


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But raising children and holding grandchildren just reinforces what is most important in this life.


The discipling of our children and our children’s children.  The passing along of the truths of what God has done in our lives and in the lives of so many others.  All throughout the Bible are accounts of what He has done in the lives of ordinary and flawed human beings.


In each of our lives are so many times that He has used us, ordinary and flawed as we are.  We think that there is nothing interesting or spectacular about our stories – but that’s not true.  Our children and our children’s children need to hear from us about what the Lord has done in our lives that is worthy of praise.


We won’t hide them from our children. We will tell them to those who live after us. We will tell them what the Lord has done that is worthy of praise. We will talk about his power and the wonderful things he has done.                           Psalm 78:4 NIrV


What has God done in your life that is worth of praise?  Who can you tell?  Even if you don’t have children, you probably know children.  Tell those children that God has put in your life – nieces and nephews, Sunday School kids, the children of your friends, neighborhood kids – about His power and the wonderful things He has done in your life.


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Rain Refreshes my Soul

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rain refreshes my soul


I have lived in places in the midst of drought for 14 years.  This last month I have been in a place that gets lots of rainfall.  Almost every day it rains a bit.  It is so lush and green here.  It has been very refreshing for my soul.  The smell of the rain, the sound of the rain, all manner of vibrant greens has been a delight for my eyes.  All of my senses have been enjoying the abundance of water!

It reminds me of the mercy and grace that God pours over me.  The worries and cares and concerns of ministry have been overtaken by the refreshing reminder that God only asks me to be faithful to what He has called me to.  I am not responsible for the results – those are His.

He doesn’t want me to worry, to be filled with fears, or to have sleepless nights filled with anxiety.  He asks me to love those He has put in my path.  He has asked me to leave the worries to Him and just to be faithful to my tasks.

He showers me with His love.  He gives me a task to do.  He equips me.  He asks me to trust in His timing.


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I am filled with love for Him.  I can minister to others out of the abundance of love He has for me.  Just like the refreshing downpours of rain remind me of the showers of His love.


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