I amDSC_0414 so glad you are here.  My name is Julie, and my passion is encouraging women, especially those who are living cross culturally, to delight in Christ! 

My husband and I have established an Oasis for rest and renewal for cross cultural families.  I would love for you to think of this little spot on the internet as an Oasis of sorts – somewhere you can come for rest and renewal as well – to refresh your heart!!

My husband and I have 5 kids – two are adults (and we have just welcomed our 3rd grandchild!) and three are still at home.  A fun fact about our family – our oldest grandchild is older than our youngest child!  We are a cross cultural family –  two born in North America, two born in Africa and one born in Eastern Europe!  Since our marriage, we have lived 12 years in my home country and we are now in our second year of living in my husband’s home country – and he is now living through reverse culture shock! 

So grab a cup of tea, or coffee, or ice cold water – and curl up in a comfy chair and delight your heart in Christ with me!

Feel free to email me at:  hello@refreshmyheart.com or Contact me: