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where are you fromWhat a difficult question, isn’t it?  Well, even before we moved overseas, it was a hard question to answer.  There is where I grew up, but there is also where I lived for the last 12 years… and of course, where we are living now.

Military kids, internationally adopted kids, missionary kids – all have some of the same difficulties.  I have started asking kids, where were you born?  That is a question that has a concrete answer, and you can begin many different conversations from that start.

Kids are so interesting to talk to – if you are sensitive to the unique challenges that come with moving a lot or living in a few different countries.

There are many good conversation starters, questions that will honor the person who is being asked – giving them a way to answer, rather than asking an impossible to answer question.

What do you like best about the country you are living in?

What is your favorite thing about the country you were born in?

Where do you think you’d like to live when you grow up?

What is the most surprising thing about you?

What is the most unusual thing you have ever done?


Think through what you would like to be asked, if you lived in several different places – and then ask away!!  You might just be amazed at some of the conversations you might have!!

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