Cultivating a Friendship… with God

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Imagine with me that you’ve called a really good friend to talk, but she says “I really can’t talk, could you just pick up a book for me on your way home from work?”  You do, but the next time you see her, she says “I’m in a hurry, not much time to talk, but thanks for picking up the book for me.  Do you think you could watch my daughter for me next Tuesday?”  You agree since she’s really a good friend.  But it goes on, and for the next few weeks, although she is full of gratitude for the things you have done for her, you don’t have an opportunity to just talk about what is on your mind and on her mind… she is just full of an endless stream of things she wants you to do for her.  That relationship may grow farther apart as time went on.

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Are you doing that very thing with your prayer time?  You might be having a consistent time of prayer – but are you cultivating your relationship with the Lord?  Are your prayer times just full of thanks for all He has done for you and requests for more things you would like Him to do for you?

There is nothing wrong with thanking God – we should definitely be doing that!!  And there is nothing wrong with asking God for help with the things that are concerning you.  We should definitely be doing that!!  But are you going deeper in your prayers?  Are you cultivating a relationship with the Lord?  Are you talking to Him about the deepest desires and longings of your heart?  Are you sharing your struggles, your doubts, your wavering faith?  Are you pouring out your heart when you struggle with all of the needs around you, begging for wisdom in who to help and how?

We know that daily time in the Word is important.  But are you reading His word expecting He will talk to you?  How many times do you read something that seems as though it’s been written just for you, just at this time?  Make sure that not only are you pouring your heart out to God, but that you are reading His heart to you.

Many years ago, my mom gave me a little volume called Daily Light for Every Day.  It’s a daily collection of scriptures arranged in morning and evening readings that Samuel Bagster put together in 1794.  Often I can read the scripture for the day and it speaks to just what I needed to hear that day.  I love when God speaks to me through His Word.  There are a multitude of Bible Reading plans you can find.  If you’ve been struggling in your regular Bible reading, try changing up your plan. I usually struggle to keep with a one year Bible reading plan and fizzle out somewhere in the middle of the year.  So, at the start of the year, I decided I would read the entire Bible in 3 months.  I felt that was short enough that I could stick with it.  I found a 90 Day Bible so I decided to do it.  It was intense, but it was also amazing!  I highly recommend it! Where my reading had been stale, it made it fresh again. Seeing the “big picture” so quickly (I called it a bullet train through the Bible), made things clear and I could see patterns in how God is working throughout history.  It was one of the best things I’ve done recently.

A refreshed and vibrant time with the Lord in pouring my heart out in prayer and being nourished by His Word is one way to be renewed and strengthened for the ministry of the day!

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