Mothering… a fearsome thing

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Mothering… it’s a fearsome thing.  Being a mother, wanting to be a mother, being a mother of a mother, being a mother without a child to hold, being a mother hearing you aren’t my “real” mother.  Mothering can be hard. There is no difficult quite like being a mother.  But then again, there is no joy quite like being a mother.

I am an adoptive mother, with a special set of joys and difficult.  I really appreciate the quote in the photo, I think it catches the swirl of emotions around this day for those of us raising children we didn’t give birth to.

jody landers quote with swing

I enjoyed a quote by Sally Clarkson recently:  “Sometimes the most spiritual thing a mother can do is rest”.   We are all about rest here.  And I think she is right.  So, if you are a mother – of any kind listed above – enjoy the day set aside for you this weekend and rest!!

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