Was today “one of those days”?

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Have you had one of “those days” recently?  Today I did.  A day where it all seemed to go wrong, and I felt very inadequate for the ministry of my life.  But God is in the business of redeeming lives – and our very bad days.  On those very bad days, we can run to Him in His Word…

one of those days


…the God of all grace, who has called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen and establish you.  1 Peter 5:10

I meditated on this verse today in my time with the Lord.  It was a great comfort to me, and I thought it might be a comfort to you as well.

The God of all grace –  today was a day when I was overwhelmed with my need for God’s grace – oh how I am so grateful that He is all grace – have you felt like that as well?

who has called you to His eternal glory in Christ – today I needed to be reminded that I have been called to His eternal glory in Christ.  I will be with Christ.  Always.  Forever.  An eternal perspective I surely needed on this day when my failures seemed so large.

will Himself restore… you – restore sounds wonderful to me today.  I looked it up in the dictionary and it said to reestablish, to renew, to bring back to the former condition.  So that God of all grace will bring me back to Himself.  I fail, I sin, I fall so short of the glory of God – and yet, my God will restore me.  Oh how He loves.

[will Himself] confirm… you – have you ever had a day or week that you wondered about your ministry?  Are you doing what God wants you to?  Are you supposed to be in the country you are in?  Doing the ministry you are doing?  One of those times when you needed God to confirm that He really did call you to where you are, doing what you are doing? Yeah, me too.  This verse that says that God Himself will confirm me, is just what I needed to hear on a day where I was questioning it all.  The dictionary says that confirm means to establish the truth.  God establishing His truth in my life, confirming me for His ministry is a great comfort when I am having one of those days or weeks or months, or let’s face it — one of those years…

[will Himself] strengthen… you – boy do I need strengthening!  So many days I feel weak – physically (yet another germ to build my immune system with!!) but also weak spiritually, and weak intellectually, and sometimes even my soul feels weak.  To know that God Himself will strengthen me, is so encouraging to me.  There are days when I have no ability to minister to my family much less anyone else God puts in my path – but God gives me strength.  God knows my frailty – He knows my limits, and He gives me what I need to do what He has asked me to.

and establish you.  Oh how I long to be established, especially on those days that it feels like I will never be a part of the culture I am living in – those days when I feel as unestablished here as I could get.  But God has said that He will establish me.  Establish means to found or build on a firm and stable basis.  I am cemented in His world, in His ministry, in His love – and I am established on His firm and stable basis.

And on “one of those days”, God meets me where I am – broken and weary – in the pages of my Bible, and refreshes my heart – right where I am.  He has called us to His eternal glory in Christ.  Amen!

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