an unexpected twist…

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an unexpected twist

So, I was reading along in Exodus, and found this one verse – it started out just like several other ones, and then there was a twist at the end.  I’ve been thinking about that twist for several days…

It is a sign forever between me and the people of Israel that in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day he rested and was refreshed.  (Exodus 31:17)

Did you catch that?  The verses about the Lord creating the world and resting is one that we all have heard.  And we understand the rhythm for our lives – working and resting.  But did you hear those three little words at the end of all that is familiar?   “and was refreshed”.  I paused on that one… for several days.  If the Lord, the Creator of all that there is, was refreshed by rest, how much more do we, His creation, need a pattern of rest – for the purpose of refreshment – after a time of work.

Do you have that in your life?  In your ministry?  Have you created a pattern of working and then resting – for the purpose of being refreshed.  We start out in our ministry so eager and encouraged and full of energy – but how are you doing now?

Do you have a daily pattern of resting before the Lord – to be refreshed for the ministry of that day?

Do you have a weekly pattern of work and then a day of resting before the Lord – to be refreshed for the days of the next week?

Do you have a yearly pattern of working in ministry and resting for a time before the Lord – in order to be refreshed for the ministry work?

Consider today how you can put together a rhythm for your life of working for the Lord and resting in the Lord – for the purpose of being refreshed.

Write it down.  Now, before you forget.  Put it on your calendar.  Make it happen.

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If the Lord rested and was refreshed, how much more do we need that!!  That is your assignment today – make a plan to regularly Refresh your heart – in Him.

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