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Discipling our children three aspects

We have been talking about Discipling our children.  We know it is what Jesus has asked us to do – make disciples.  We are in our ministry location doing just that – making disciples of the people around us, telling our community about Jesus.  That part of our ministry is clear.  And we know that He has given us these children in our homes.  Sometimes we forget the disciple making aspect of our parenting, to begin with our children.  This series of posts is talking about three ways that we can be discipling our children.  We have talked about Habit Training – the importance of instilling good habits in our children, beginning with the habit of reading the Bible together.  Today we are talking about Character Training.

Character Training – Character is defined as ‘the aggregate of traits that form the individual nature of a person’.  We find many character traits in the Bible that come as we grow in Christ.  Teaching our children about them and modeling them and giving our kids opportunities to display them in their lives is an important part of discipling them.

There are so many to choose from!  Here is a list of just a few of them.  Just googling ‘character traits’, brings up many lists of character traits.

self control

















worship (honoring God with your whole life).

We can choose a trait to focus on each week.  Then during the week we can take some of the following ideas to do with our kids.

Put it on our walls – a handmade sign displayed where you eat or a chalkboard displayed in a common area of the house that has the trait written on it.  This helps everyone to see it, think about it, and talk about it.

As we are gathered – for a meal, or to talk, we can discuss it, we can tell each other about people we’ve seen display it, or times we have seen each other display it.  We can talk about how that is helpful and what traits are opposite and why we don’t want to be people who display those traits  – how unpleasant it would be to live with a group of people who were dishonest, lied, were often angry, and were mean and grumpy.  And we would not be honoring or displaying Jesus to the world around us.

We can read stories and books about people and characters that display that trait.  We can have fantastic discussions about people who do and do not display those traits when we read.

And how fun it is to catch each other displaying the trait!!  Don’t hesitate to encourage your children and your husband when you see them living out the trait in their lives!  Consider rewarding your children when you see them displaying the character traits we are trying to develop in them.  One idea might be a jar on the counter and whenever anyone catches another family member displaying the trait, a stone or marble is put into the jar – when it is full, the family can do something fun together – go out for ice cream, or to a favorite park for a picnic!  Be creative and make it fun!

Teaching our children how to grow to be more and more like Christ is not difficult and need not be boring!  Have fun together learning as a family!!


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