Rest for Your Soul – FREE Scripture Writing Plan

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Two Week Scripture Writing Plan


One of the best ways to meditate on the Word of God is to write down His Word and look at it several times during your day.  You can do this on sticky notes posted around the house.  You can do this with scripture art hanging on the wall.  You can do this by writing and illustrating some of your favorite verses.  You can also write scripture in your journal.

One good way to care for your soul is to write scripture that speaks to your heart in your current circumstances.  Are you tired and weary?  Are you overburdened?  Are you stressed with all of the good things in your life?  Does the theme of rest call to your heart?

I have put together a 14 day series of Scriptures you can write down to meditate on God’s promises to give us rest in Him.  We may not be able to alter the busyness of our days in ministry (but certainly if you are able to, it is vital not to overcommit yourself).  But one thing that we can do to care for our souls and prevent burnout, is to meditate on God’s promises in scripture – by writing them down.

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